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General Technical

Can I lay the unit down to transport it?

No, the only way a cooler or freezer should be transported is upright.

Does 115v/208-230v mean my unit will work for either one of those voltages?

No, this does not mean this is a dual voltage unit that can run on either voltage. Please Contact Us for additional information.

How can I obtain a wiring diagram?

Please Contact Us for information on a wiring diagram. You must include the cabinet serial number.

How can I tell if the condenser is clean or dirty?

Other than looking at condenser surface, you should also use a flash light and shine this on the surface to see if you can see all the way through the coil.

How do I change a torsion spring?

Please refer to the Service Manual in our Resource Library.

How do I check the parameters in the LAE control?

We do not recommend checking parameters. These parameter’s are designed and tested specially for this unit. If you have an issue you feel may be related to parameters please contact the True Technical Service Department for assistance.

How do I check the product temperature?

Place a container of water in the cooler for 24 hours and then check the temperature of the water.

How do I clean my cooler?

Please refer to the owner maintenance and installation manual in our Resource Library.

How do I replace the door cartridge in prep tables?

Please refer to the Service Manual in our Resource Library.

How do I wire a Grasslin timer to replace a Paragon?

Please refer to the Service Manual in our Resource Library.

How long should I stand the unit up after it has been laid down?

Double the amount of time it is not upright unless this is for 4 hours or more. Then it should sit for 24 hours before turning on.

Example – if the unit is on its side or back for 15 minutes it should sit upright for 30 minutes before turning on.

Warning  - Coolers or Freezers unit should only be laid down when moving it into place. No cabinet should ever be transported on its side or back.

How old is my unit?

To determine age of the unit, enter the serial number in the Serial Number Lookup.

If the cord supplied on my unit is not long enough, can I use an extension cord or replace the power supply cord with a longer one?

No. You should never use an extension cord. This would void the cabinet warranty.

What is the cut in and cut out for my temperature control?

Please refer to the Sequence of Operation in our Resource Library.

What is the recommended setting for the temperature control, what numbers are colder and warmer?

Refer to your owner’s manual or the owner’s manual on the website for control setting in the operation section under the heading mechanical control sequence of operation. On a cabinet with a knob from 0 to 9 the lower the number the warmer the setting. 0 is off.

What is the refrigerant type and charge of my unit?

Please Contact Us for information on the refrigerant type and charge. You must include the cabinet serial number.

What temp is my cooler/freezer supposed to maintain?

This information can be found on the website on the specification sheet.

Why does True require a dedicated circuit for freezer or coolers?

This is to prevent low voltage to the compressor.



Are there any specialized tools needed to service an R-290 refrigeration system?

A combustible gas meter / R-290 electronic leak detector. This is available through most HVAC supply houses. It is also available through True Parts (part number 965087).

A safety placard advising of no smoking or open flames. Standard refrigeration tools are still needed. I.E.: Pinch off tool, Nitrogen, Vacuum pump, Micron gauge, Torches, Soap bubbles, Manifold Set, and Tube cutter.

Can I retrofit any cabinet to HC – R-290 refrigerant?

No, the EPA has ruled that the retrofitting of any existing equipment is prohibited.

Can the same parts be used to service a hydrocarbon cabinet that are used on 134a/404a cabinets?

Not necessarily, we suggest using OEM parts by specific model number. Parts used on hydrocarbon cabinets must follow specific UL certification for non-sparking parts.

Do I need any specialized training to service R-290?

No, The EPA has ruled specialized training is not required but is recommended.

Does the R-290 refrigerant have to be recovered?

No. The EPA has ruled that an R-290 system can be vented into the atmosphere.

How do I leak check an R-290 system?

For the most part you would leak check an R-290 system the same way you would a 134a or 404a system with a couple of exceptions. You can still use a bubble solution or an ultrasonic leak detector as well. We would also recommend using oxygen free dry nitrogen with a trace gas not exceeding 200PSI.

  • Exception #1 is you cannot use a halide leak detector on an R-290 system.
  • Exception #2 is your electronic leak detector must be designed specifically for combustible gas.

Is there maximum charge amount for commercial applications with R-290?

Yes, you can only have a maximum charge amount of 150 grams (5.3 ounces) in each refrigeration system. For example GDM-10 has a charge amount 1.9oz.

Is there other information available on HC / R-290?

Yes, please view the Technical Service Videos in the Media Center.

Is there special markings on a cabinet built using R-290? How will I be able to tell if the system I'm working on is built with R-290?

The serial number tag will indicate the type of refrigerant. The unit will have multiple labels stating that it is built with an HC/R-290 refrigerant. The unit will also have the process sleeves colored red.

What is the difference between R-290 and standard propane that I can purchase from a hardware store?

R-290 has a much higher purity level. This level is greater than 97.5%. R-290 has a low moisture content. Moisture will damage the refrigeration system and components. Also there is no scent added to R-290 which is added to standard propane.

What tools are needed to service HC cabinets?

There are only 2 specialized tools that are required for servicing HC equipment. A combustible gas meter / R-290 leak detector and a safety placard. True has developed a HC service kit that includes the 2 specialized tools plus a tank of refrigerant and other tools that we suggest be used.

Where can I get R-290 refrigerant?

For use on True warranty repairs you can get this refrigerant directly from the True parts department. You can also source this refrigerant from an HVAC supply house or a company that sells gases and welding supplies.

Note: If you are getting refrigerant somewhere besides True make sure you are purchasing refrigerant grade propane R-290.

Where do I go for training?

We would suggest contacting Refrigeration Service Engineers Society to inquire about their training program. The website address for this is

Will I need different gauges to use with an R-290 system?

No. The 134a manifold set can be used. Due to the small system charge amounts we suggest the use of the shortest hoses possible. 12 inch hoses are included in our service kit.

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