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Gasket Replacement

Replacing gaskets is an important part of proper door maintenance. Without regular replacement, ill-fitting gaskets can lead to air leakage for both coolers and freezers, which can compromise food safety and overall cabinet performance.

True offers a wide range of genuine OEM gasket replacements that are produced from high-quality material and can be easily installed. Using OEM gaskets insures a proper air-tight fit that promotes longer-lasting doors and refrigeration equipment, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership.

Benefits of replacement

Reduced energy and operational costs caused by air leakage
Consistently maintained cabinet temperatures
Reduced maintenance and service costs
Reduced annual electrical consumption (kwh)

When is it time?

Tearing or cracking
Color fading

Avoid costliness!

Knockoffs can be expensive
Pre-mature failure due to improper fitting dart to dart
Magnets, which are thinner and less flexible
Lesser quality = more frequent replacements