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Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

As the industry leader in commercial refrigeration, True is committed to making valuable contributions to the protection of our environment through the responsible use of natural resources and the development of clean technologies that replace harmful substances with more eco-friendly alternatives.

The world is changing and so is the market demand.

With growing concerns about global warming and the atmosphere taking on more and more hazardous emissions, industries are looking to alternative refrigerants as part of the solution. Hydrocarbon refrigerant is the next step towards better refrigeration and environmental responsibility.
  • Over 2 billion HC refrigerators and freezers are used in homes worldwide.
  • 20+ years of HC adoption in Europe with over 4 million commercial units in use.
  • More and more companies are choosing HC in the US and around the world as they look to meet corporate sustainability objectives.

What is hydrocarbon refrigerant?

Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants are natural, nontoxic refrigerants that have no ozone depleting properties and low global warming potential. Hydrocarbons are one of the most climate-friendly and cost-effective refrigerants to cool and freeze.

R290 (HC) refrigerant is highly refined propane that is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative for the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants R134a in refrigerator applications and R404a in freezer applications.

Why is hydrocarbon refrigerant better?

Current HFC Refrigerants (R134a and R404a) have extremely high Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is harmful to the environment. GWP is the relative measure of how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere. The lower the GWP the better a substance is for the environment. By comparison, R290 Hydrocarbon has a very minimal GWP.

  GLOBAL WARMING POTENTIAL OF REFRIGERANTS True Manufacturing GWP Scale R290’s thermodynamic properties are superior to both R134a and R404a. R290’s heat capacitance is approximately 90% greater than R134a and 140% greater than R404a with lower viscosity. This means that R290 can absorb more heat, faster, resulting in quicker temperature recovery and lower energy consumption.

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