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Horizontal Freezers and Dipping Cabinets

True’s visual dipping cabinets are uniquely designed to provide the user maximum functional reliability in an attractive merchandiser to brilliantly display and serve ice cream product.

Cold wall refrigeration system. Maintains -10°F to +8°F (-23.3°C to -13.3°C).

Patented reversing condenser fan motors. Fan motors reverse during defrost off cycles to help keep condenser coil free from dirt, dust and debris. Keeping coils clean optimizes the unit’s performance providing colder holding temperatures and increased energy efficiency. Regularly scheduled thorough cleaning of coils still recommended.

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Spec Sheet
CAD Drawing
Revit File
Revit File
Technical Data Sheet
Lids Capacity Racks Cabinet Dimensions (mm) HP Voltage Amps Crated Weight (kg)
12 L Cans L D H
2 Total Display 6 1721 696 1305 3/4 115/60/1 7.9 250
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