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Technical FAQ
Torsion Spring Replacement T-Series - Swing Door
Torsion Spring Diagram
  • Required Tools:
    • (2) 1/8" drift Punch (forged)
    • Needle-Nose Pliers
    • Phillips-Head Screwdriver
    • Wrench (3/8")

  • STEP 1: Turn the cooler off.

  • STEP 2: Locate the top hinge assembly.

  • STEP 3: If spring remains taut, relieve tension by placing a 1/8" drift punch into the stop pin hole, two holes to the left (for right side door) of the stop pin position.
  • STEP 4: With punch firmly anchored in position, apply back pressure to the left and remove the stop pin with needled-nosed pliers.

    NOTE: Operation is reversed for left side door.

    While firmly holding the drift punch with your left hand begin rotating the hinge shaft to the right relieving spring tension. Insert second drift punch into hole to the left and repeat process until all spring tension is relieved.

    In some instances it is necessary to relieve spring pressure one hole position at a time until spring pressure is relieved.
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