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Technical FAQ
Torsion Spring Replacement T-Series - Swing Door...Continued...
  • STEP 5: Remove all 4 anchor screws from louvered grill and remove grill.

    If cabinet is equipped with integrated door light be sure to unplug from ballast box.

    Freezer doors have heater wires which must br unplugged before doors can be removed.

  • STEP 6: In a squatted position rest the bottom of the open door on your left knee (for right side door) as you face the outside of the door. Create an upward pressure and remove the two 3/8" bolts from the bottom hinge assembly. (figure 2)

    Figure 2

  • STEP 7: Remove the door and carefully place door on a flat surface with the door handle on the bottom. The door should be in a rectangular position.

  • STEP 8: Remove upper and lower brass bushing from the top and bottom of door.

    It may be necessary to verify stop pin location and door block material for some models. Or call 800-325-6152.

  • STEP 9: Remove the broken torsion spring from the top of the door. To do this you might need to bend a hook on the end of a piece of metal such as a coat hanger. Place this hook in the top of the door grabbing the top of the torsion spring. Pull the torsion spring out the top. NOTE: You may only be able to pull out part of the broken torsion spring. If so go to the bottom door block and insert a 3/16" drill bit into the 3/16" hole in the block until it stops. Then drive it in about 2 inches to push the old rod out of the door block. See Illustration 1 (previous page).

  • STEP 10: Before installing new spring be sure that the ends of the new torsion spring are a "U" shape. If not, squeeze down on the end of the hook closing the gap.

  • STEP 11: Insert the new spring from the top of the door ensuring that the end hooks into the cross in the bottom door block. You will need to use the door shart to ensure that the spring is down in the cross of the door block. By turning and pushing down on the spring in either direction 90° the spring should fall into place.

  • STEP 12: Install new upper and lower bushing.

  • STEP 13 Assemble top hinge. Place the hinge washer over the door hinge shaft, slide into brass bushing and fit into plastic door block. (figure 1 on previous page)

  • STEP 14: Assemble bottom hinge. Place the hinge washer over the bottom hinge bracket, replace the thrust bearing over the washer, slide this assembly into the brass bushing and fit into aluminum door bracket.

  • STEP 15: While holding bottom hinge in place lift door and slide top door hinge together. Maintain vertical pressure by resting door bottom on your knee while squatting, or have someone assist in order to re-attach lower hinge to cabinet. Fasten hinge with 3/8" bolts and washers.

  • STEP 16: Adjust the spring tension by turning counter-clockwise (right door) to the desired tension (approx. 1/2 turn). Again use a 1/8" drift punch to adjust and replace stop pin.

    If cabinet is equipped with integrated door light be sure to plug into ballast box

    Freezer doors have heater wires which must be plugged in before operation.

  • STEP 17: Replace louvered grill and secure with four screws.

    To Adjust Door Hinge
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