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Technical FAQ
Temperature Control Change-Out - GDM
TempControl1 TempControl2
Note: If it becomes necessary to remove the housing
be sure to tape off any interior panel at risk
of being scratched.
REQUIRED TOOLS: Permagum, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Hex Head Driver
  • STEP 1: Insert the control bulb into the copper sleeve. Before insertion, be sure there are no kinks in line.

    Seal the end of the sleeve with permagum to keep moisture out. (figure 3)

  • STEP 3: Connect the two wires to the new temperature control.

  • STEP 4: Fasten the control onto the mounting plate with two screws. (Item A)

  • STEP 5: Fasten the mounting plate wo the cooler with two screws. (Item B)
  • STEP 6: Replace black control knob and turn the control to the #5 setting.

  • STEP 7: Plug the Cooler in.

Wait at least 12 hours before re-adjusting control.
This allows for the Cooler to stabalize cycle.
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