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Technical FAQ
Ratchet Lock & Plastic Door Stop - Slide Door - Installation Instructions
Included in Kit:
  • Ratchet lock assembly
  • (1) v-roller shim
  • (2) 8-32 rivnuts with tool
  • (2) 8-32 screws
  • #2 Drill Bit
Required Tools:
  • Marking utensil
  • Electric drill
  • Exacto knife or razor blade
  • STEP 1: Remove left side door by lifting up and out of the bottom track.

  • STEP 2: Position ratchet bar over left side of the right hand door. Center from top to bottom. Place shim in between the ratchet bar and left edge of door (image 1).

  • STEP 3: Using the ratchet bar as a template, mark the hole to be drilled and mark rubber gasket (on the front side of the door) top and bottom of the ratchet bar (image 2).

  • STEP 4: Drill hole where marked using #2 drill bit (image 3).

  • STEP 5: Place rivnut insert (provided in kit) in drilled hole (image 4).

  • STEP 6: Install rivnut using rivnut tool provided in kit (images 5 & 6).

  • STEP 7: Using an exacto knife or razor blade carefully cut rubber gasket to create notch for ratchet bar (image 7).

  • STEP 8: Reposition ratchet bar and secure using 8-32 screw into rivnut.

  • STEP 9: Replace left side door and check slide operation.

  • STEP 10: To lock cabinet, slide ratchet lock onto the ratchet bar through slot (lock should be oriented with slot towards top of lock; image 7).
Slide Lock 1
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