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Technical FAQ
Slide Door Diagnosis and Adjustments.
To Improve Slide Door Closing
Check the cooler to see that it is level before searching for a solution. Place the level on the center of the lower channel and on the v-track in several places. The different areas involved with the closing of the door are as follows:
  1. The plastic channel area: This includes the top, bottom, v-track, and bumpers.
      Inspect the top and bottom channels for blockage. Inspect the v-track for dents or movements that may be causing the door to bind. The v-track my be adjusted slightly by bending the "v" with a number 8r vise grips. The v-track can be realigned or replaced. Shims under the door can be adjusted or added to, to improve the seal and speed of closing the door.

  2. The door: This area includes v-roller bracket assembly, stainless insert holder, slot on top of door (were cord is fastened) the foam tape on the door, and the plastic buttons on the inside of the door.
      A. Inspect the v-rollers, clean, realign and lubricate (the rollers should spin freely) or replace. Be sure the roller bracket screws do not touch the v-track.
      B. Check to make sure door is square. If not loosen stainless insert holders, then square door, then retighten insert holders. Push on glass insert and break the seal between insert and 2-sided tape. Square door by placing shims between frame and glass insert, and then reinstall the insert holders.
      C. Replace the door(with door disconnected) from cord. Slide the door in both directions. Look for binding in the channel area at the top and bottom. Check the stainless insert holder, the 1/4" - 3/8" foam tape, the nylon buttons, and the gasket. Adjust or replace the v-track to ease and binding.

  3. The door weight area: This area includes the weight, the nylon cord, the assembly for holding the door open, and the copper guides for the nylon cord.
         Remove the door and disconnect the cord. Pull the cord and release it gradually. Does the weight feel like it is binding? Remove the knot in the weight. Remove any excess cord at the knot. The knot should be inside the weight to minimize the friction. The weight should hang in a vertical position (no angle). Inspect the weight itself and the holes in it. Replace the weight if holes are too far off center and are effecting the travel in the door weight area.

  4. The gasket area: This area includes the 3" plastic, 1 3/8 plastic, the gasket and the 11/16" gasket insert holder. Inspect the door to make sure it is seating against gasket.
    1. Adjust leg levelers to elminate gap.
    2. Place shims between the roller brackets and the door.
    3. Remove gasket and shim needed locations.
    4. Shim v-track.
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