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Technical FAQ
Glass Door Merchandiser Lock Installation Instruction - Slide Door
Required Parts:

Kit No. for Parts 884605
  • Part No. 830519 (8) Phillips flat head screws
  • 2 Door cords 42 in. long - Part No. 879863
  • 4 pulleys - Part No. 832321
Not included in kit but required:
  • Door weights from cabinet cut to specifications
Required Tools:
  • Drill
  • Phillips head drill bit
  • 1/4" hex head bit
  • Knife
  • Hack saw
  • STEP 1: Remove doors by lifting them up and pulling them out. Release the nylon cord from the door slot. Do not lay doors on the rollers. Set them carefully to the side.

  • STEP 2: With the 1/4" nut-driver, remove the screws that hold the counterweight cover and put it aside. (See Image 1)
    Image 1

  • STEP 3: Cut the knot that holds the counterweight. Remove counterweight and cord. Reference the counterweight chart. The counterweight needs to be trimmed (with hack saw) according to what model is being retorfitted with the pulley system.

  • STEP 4: With the 1/4" nut-driver, remove the 4 screws from the "C" clamps that secure the cord guide. Remove the cord guide. (You may have to remove the rubber door stop to get the guide out. If you do, reinstall the stop before going to the next step). (See Image 2)
    Image 2

  • STEP 5: Mount the first pulley in the upper channel. (Roller needs to be installed as shown in picture below) Hold new bearing in place and mark holes. Use a 3/32 drill bit to pre-drill holes. After pre-drilling holes use 2 screws supplied to hold bearing in place.
    Image 3
  • STEP 6: Mount the second pulley on the sidewall as shown in Image 3. The bearing should be 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) from the ceiling and 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) from the door track. As in previous step, pre-drill holes and mount bearing with 2 screw supplies.

  • STEP 7: First tie a knot at one end of the nylon cord. This knot will slide into the keyhole slot at the top corner of the door. (See image 4) hen thread the new nylon cord through the pulleys (See image 3)
    Image 4

  • STEP 8: Slide the knot into the keyhole and put the door into the track.

  • STEP 9: After inserting door into door track, slip the other end of the nylon cord through the new door weight and tie a knot in the new cord so when finished the weight will hang just above the lock keeper. (See images 5-6)
    Image 5

  • STEP 10: Reinstall counterweight cover

  • STEP 11: Follow the steps 1-10 for other doors.

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