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Technical FAQ
Lighting Problems - Shield Removal
  • STEP 1: Unplug the cooler

  • STEP 2: Remove lamp cover by squeezing it in the center, twist and pull outward.

  • STEP 3: The lamp can then be removed by pushing it up and then out. This will release the lamp from the lower lamp holder. At this point the lamp can be totaly removed

  • STEP 4: Install the new lamp by placing the lamp terminals in the upper lamp holder first.

  • STEP 5: Push up on the bulb to recess the upper holder.
  • STEP 6: With upward pressure applied, line up the terminal on the lower end of the bulb with the lamp holder. Once aligned the lamp will snap into place.

  • STEP 7: Pull on bulb to make sure it is seated properly.

  • STEP 8: Replace lamp cover.

  • STEP 9: Plug in the cabinet.

  • STEP 10: If lamp does not illuminate another problem exists.
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