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Technical FAQ
New GE Temperature Control Adjustments - Operation Instructions
REQUIRED TOOLS: Jewelers Screw Driver (Small Screw Driver)
GE Control Instructions:
This scale may be used as a guide for measuring degrees of rotation required for altitude correction. The arrows indicate direction of screw rotation.

Turn calibration screw counter clockwise to obtain colder operating temperatures.
GE Scale
Altitude Correction Table:
Calibration Screw Adjusts
Both Cut-In and Cut-Out
Altitude (Feet) Clockwise Turns
2000 7/60
3000 11/60
4000 15/60
5000 19/60
6000 23/60
7000 27/60
8000 30/60
9000 34/60
10,000 37/60
Each 1/4 turn of the calibration screw is equal to approximately 2 degrees F. Do not make more than 3/4 turn. After making adjustment measure temperature during three cycles before adjusting again.
Calibration Calibration
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