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Natural Refrigerant
While energy efficiency has always been part of our design process, we continue to utilize new technologies to improve our systems to be the most efficient in the industry, without sacrificing the performance that ultimately provides food safety for our customers throughout the world.

Why Hydrocarbon

Why Hydrocarbon
• Hydrocarbon is a naturally occurring refrigerant.
• Up to 15% more efficient than R134a.
• ZERO Ozone depletion potential.
• Designed for performance and longevity.
• Reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP)
• R134a = 1430 GWPHydrocarbon (R290) = 3 GWP

Models Available

GDM - 10 - HC
GDM - 11 - HC
GDM - 12 - HC
Natural Refrigerant