Committed to Sustainability

Over 65 Years of commercial refrigeration focus have enable TRUE to become experts in the design and development of our systems. While energy efficiency has always been part of our design process, we continue to utilize new technologies to improve our systems to be the most efficient in the industry, without sacrificing the performance that ultimately provides food safety for our customers throughout the World.

True is meeting and exceeding CEC and DOE energy standards without sacrificing quality through the following methods:

Emphasizing green innovation like our Reversing Condenser Fan Motor which reverses during defrost off cycles to help keep condenser coil free from dirt, dust and debris. Keeping coils clean optimizes the unit's performance providing colder holding temperatures and increased energy efficiency.

Utilizing green materials and components such as recycled composite materials and Ecomate®, the blowing agent with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of Zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of Zero. Developing refrigeration equipment operating on Natural Refrigerants (near "0" GWP).

TRUE equipment meets RoHS compliance. RoHS stands for "Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances" in electrical and electronic equipment. We reduced the use of major hazardous substances in the production of TRUE products, such as lead, mercury and cadmium by 99%.

• CEC: California Energy Commission  • DOE: US Department of Energy
Sustainability Starts at Home

At TRUE, we are continually searching out environmentally friendly components and processes that will reduce our carbon footprint. This process encapsulates both our approach to manufacturing as well as our approach to the performance of our equipment.

Production Processes

Just a few of the improvements TRUE has made in our production processes...
  • Closed loop water systems (conserves water)
  • Powder Coating (reduces VOC's)
  • Printing with UV inks (eliminates solvents)
  • Ecomate® foam insulation (0% GWP/ODP)
  • Material recycling
2013 compared to 2000, TRUE has...
  • Reduced water usage by 40% per square foot.
  • Shown a 99.97% reduction in TRI (Toxic Release Inventory) reported chemical releases.
  • Reduced the release of CO2 by 136,000 metric tons - the equivalent of removing 28,333 cars off the road last year.
  • Reduced natural gas consumption by 60% per square foot.
  • Recycled 100% of scrap metal.

TRUE's Facilities and People

Energy Conservation
  • Replaced rooftop air conditioners with more efficient Economizer units. The units use fresh air virtually "free" for cooling during the fall, winter and early spring.
  • Solar water heating.
  • Reduced office lighting load by 30%.
Sustainable Alternatives
  • Installed automated water faucets and hand dryers to regulate water usage and reduce paper towel waste.
  • Cafeteria switched from Styrofoam plates and bowls to environmentally-friendly paper products.
  • Implemented the Box-on-Demand machine for all part shipments. This machine custom makes boxes to the shape and size of each part sent out, thereby reducing the amount of cardboard used for these shipments. Additionally, any scrap produced by this machine is shredded and reused as packaging material, reducing our reliance on Styrofoam.
Recycling Program
  • Paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, clear plastic, mixed metals.
  • Savings of 5,399 tons of material out of landfills since January 2008 - the equivalent of removing the CO2 emission of 994 homes.